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Testimonial From Past Students

Opera Workshop Testimonials

"Hey young singers and teachers! Looking for an affordable, truly nurturing place to grow your talents? Apply for this. I went twice. It changed my life and now I have life long friends and contacts truly worth having. ASOP... teaches humanity, artistry, Acceptance and Musicianship combined. I stake my reputation on it." Jennifer Vanella, Sing and Relax Studios

"This summer with ASOP was my opera debut. What an awesome experience! I can not think of a more educational, nurturing, and fun environment to have an opera debut. The ASOP participants were wonderful and truly talented and this summer I made a lot of friends that I will have for the rest of my life. ASOP teaches it all. The business, movement, diction, music, style, attire, respect, and most importantly, love. Nancy Milnes is truly an Angel and it was truly amazing to be part of such a wonderful summer program."
Rebecca Cummings, soprano

"I had an amazing experience with Nancy Stokes-Milnes, Paul Plishka, and all the staff at ASOP. They created an environment where I felt comfortable to explore my art with a staff that was highly knowledgeable, supportive, and experienced. Not only did I have an opportunity to explore an exciting and demanding role, but I learned a lot about the business and got a chance to meet and talk to people who are already legends in the industry. My experience gave me the boost in confidence I needed to pursue my dreams, and friends and colleagues to share them with."
Andrew Cummings, bass baritone

"ASOP is a wonderfully supportive environment for a burgeoning singer; the level of artistry is exemplary, the level of dedication is inspiring, and the kind support demonstrated extends far beyond the confines of the program. I am extremely happy to have been a part of the program, and I would encourage any young singer to participate."
Eric Richards, tenor

"I cannot even begin to describe what ASOP has done for me. The positive atmopshere and opportunities allowed me to grow as an artist and gave me that extra confidence I needed to further pursue my dream."
Suzanne Levine, mezzo-soprano

"ASOP is far and away the most supportive, informative, and helpful workshop in which it has ever been my pleasure to participate! Nancy Stokes-Milnes is the soul of kindness and enthusiasm, and offered countless pieces of useful advice on the art and business of singing. This workshop not only trains the singer to SING better, but also to perform better – acting, stage presence, audition skills, etc. – and to participate in all of the research and business aspects more conscientiously. We were all far better performers and musicians at the end of the program, and had a much firmer grasp on what it really takes to be an artist in this day and age. The faculty were knowledgeable, excellent mentors, and above all, extremely encouraging to all of us.This is a truly remarkable workshop, and I highly recommend it for any singers who want and need a better understanding of all aspects of a career on the lyric stage."
Rebekkah Hilgraves, soprano

"I loved my experience at ASOP this summer. I met so many wonderful people, many of whom I know will be friends of mine for years to come. I was able to learn more about being the best artist I can be, while experiencing the best city in the world! Thanks ASOP!"
Emily Tulloch, soprano

"ASOP is a terrific training program for young singers of a wide array of performing experience. Many performing opportunities, coachings, lectures, and tons of encouragement make this one of the best-valued programs. The opportunities both to learn new repertoire, work on current repertoire and to discuss the business offer a unique total package that many other YAPs simply don't provide. I believe, too, that my experience of ASOP as an incredibly nurturing, safe environment to express myself was not a unique experience to me. Every member of the program seemed to achieve a high degree of improvement over the course of the summer, and every member rejoiced in the achievements of others. If you are wondering whether or not it is worth it to do this program, what are you waiting for!"
Julie Baron, mezzo-soprano

"ASOP changed my life. Honestly. When I returned to my teachers following ASOP, they marveled at the increase in my confidence. And now in rehearsals for an upcoming production, I'm being commended for my commitment. I always thought myself a committed performer, but my idea of commitment changed in an instant this summer. At ASOP, I realized not only what I'm capable of (which is more than I expected) but also what is required to achieve my potential (which is also more than I expected). And the best thing of all is that I learned these things in one of the most supportive artistic communities I've ever known. Cheers, love and thanks to Nancy and the whole ASOP family."
Erika Person, mezzo-soprano

"I am so happy to have had this experience this summer. I had the opportunity to work with truly caring, gifted teachers and was fortunate to work with really talented, supportive and creative singers as well. ASOP not only provided me with tools to negotiate the world of Opera and professional singing but helped me make connections with other singers that will become lasting friendships and support lines. I came away from the summer a more confident, knowledgeable and inspired performer and voice teacher."
Anne Agresta Dugan, soprano

"I feel like ASOP was just what I needed to give me more confidence, better stage presence, and a better understanding of what it takes to be an opera singer today. Most importantly ASOP allowed me to really appreciate my art in a safe environment with other singers of many different levels and backgrounds along with the constant support of a professional and experienced faculty. ASOP helped put me to put myself together as a singer and a person."
Diane Kalinowski, soprano